Why does McGehee Hospital need community funding?
The McGehee Hospital Board is seeking community funding to expand services and programs related to its new 25-patient-room and Emergency Department addition. Although the hospital is partially funded by a city sales tax, the tax, patient fees and insurance payments do not provide adequate funding for new programs and services, or for the recruitment of new physicians needed to meet the shifting health needs of the McGehee community.

What is a comprehensive campaign?
A comprehensive campaign seeks the support of all types of donors: individuals, foundations and businesses. The campaign provides a range of giving options so each donor has the opportunity to underwrite and designate rooms, services and programs to meet community needs.

Who is leading the campaign?
Bob Lucky is the campaign chair. The Steering Committee members are Andrew Wargo, Charlie Turner, Alan Bowman, Ann Ferguson, Thomas Gathen, Robert Moore, Richard Smith, Bill Bowman,

Why is McGehee Hospital asking the community to support and invest in a community hospital?
Funding for rural, acute care hospitals continues to decline. The first alternative is to raise the cost of hospital services and programs. The McGehee Hospital trustees chose to invite the community to invest in their local healthcare facility to ensure the services and programs needed are available to all.

Why does the comprehensive campaign begin with the hospital trustees and staff?
The McGehee Hospital trustees and staff are in a position to know the healthcare needs and opportunities better than anyone. They also know the patients and community members who need and support the hospital. To show their own support, every trustee and staff member has already made their gift to the campaign!

What message can I share with the people of our community?
This campaign is a wonderful opportunity to invest in the future of healthcare at McGehee Hospital and ensure that services, programs and outstanding physicians are available to serve community needs. Your investment in the form of a generous gift will provide the financing necessary to fund current and future healthcare needs that will benefit all members of the community.

What benefits will this campaign offer to donors?
The gift given by individuals is fully tax deductible. The McGehee Hospital is an IRS-approved charitable entity and all campaign funds will be invested in the Delta Area Community Foundation, which is also an IRS-approved charity.

In over 50 years of service to McGehee and the nearby region, McGehee Hospital has only once before asked for financial support, other than the sales tax which you reauthorized with a 97% majority. Your investment will ensure that the McGehee Hospital trustees have continuing financial resources to meet changing healthcare needs and to secure and expand hospital services and programs.

What changes will this campaign bring to McGehee Hospital?

  • The new 25-patient-room wing and an expanded Emergency Department will need additional equipment, sta ng, programs and services. Funds from this campaign will provide a continuing revenue stream to meet new needs and opportunities.
  • The original hospital will be renovated. In place of the old patient rooms, new administrative o ces and educational/meeting spaces will be created to serve the community.
  • McGehee Hospital trustees will begin recruiting new physicians to succeed the current medical sta as they retire. Relocation incentives and office equipment will be necessary to attract outstanding young physicians to the hospital.
  • A rural healthcare clinic will also be built to house the new physicians. This clinic will also require additional equipment. It will have six doctor exam/office suites.

What impact will the new patient rooms and Emergency Department have on healthcare treatment at McGehee Hospital?
The patient rooms and Emergency Department will offer a more secure and private environment for patients, their family and friends.

How did McGehee Hospital determine its $1.5 million goal?
McGehee Hospital conducted a feasibility study among community opinion leaders, staff, board and potential investors. That study determined that, with the current economy, population and economic indicators, $1.5 million will be an achievable goal.

What will happen if the campaign does not reach its goal?
Our consultants, Hueston Eilers Partners, have not experienced a campaign that did not exceed its goal. They are confident from the pre-campaign study that success is most likely. All campaigns take hard work and commitment, but community pride in the hospital will fuel the effort.

Community support today and in the future is necessary to fill the gap created by decreases in healthcare funding. McGehee Hospital will invest campaign funds to ensure that critical healthcare needs will continue to be met. McGehee Hospital will be able to live within its means without incurring additional debt.

Where will our contributions be invested?
McGehee Hospital will partner with the Delta Area Community Foundation, an affiliate of Arkansas Community Foundation, which is composed of respected local bankers and business owners. The Foundation has a history of responsible investment and support for local nonprofits. The McGehee Hospital Fund is administered by Delta Area Community Foundation and Arkansas Community Foundation, a public nonprofit organization that promotes smart giving to improve communities. The Community Foundation provides tools to help Arkansans protect, grow and direct their charitable dollars as they learn more about community needs. To learn how your organization can establish an endowment, email the Community Foundation.

You may donate online or by calling 870.222.5600. Donors also have the opportunity to include the Foundation in their will or estate plan.