The McGehee community benefits daily from the success of the Share the Pride campaign

The hospital is modern and well-equipped. The McGehee Family Clinic is open weekdays Monday-Thursday from 8 am to 5 pm and Friday from 8 am to noon. At the clinic, McGehee residents continue to experience convenient one-stop healthcare, low wait time and superior personal care. New programs to help those with chronic illnesses are in development. The new clinic has a direct $2.4 million economic impact on the community.

Share the Pride campaign is McGehee’s coming-of-age fundraiser

Bob Lucky Campaign Chair

Bob Lucky served as chair of the comprehensive campaign. It was the first McGehee Hospital fundraising campaign since it opened in 1965. 365 donors gave $2 million to equip the clinic. The Wallace Trust and Industrial Foundation funded the clinic construction.

In spite of the success of the Share the Pride campaign, McGehee Hospital continues to need community support for maintenance, repairs and replacement equipment.

Sustain the Pride will be the name of the annual giving appeal. Please consider making a monthly gift from a bank account or credit card. That is called “sustained giving.” By giving a monthly gift you assure that the McGehee Hospital Trustees have the ongoing financial resources to meet hospital needs.

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Bob characterized his chairmanship of the campaign as his opportunity to return the favor to McGehee. Regarding the campaign, “It could not have been any better; there were no negative vibes. Everything worked well. There was an exceptional response. It blows my mind the extent to which our community stepped up to prove the campaign theme that McGehee has pride in its hospital.”

New physician returns to his hometown

Dr. James Renfroe, a McGehee product, returned in July 2017 to partner with Dr. Prosser. Upon Dr. Prosser’s retirement, James assumed his practice. He feels that he stepped into a ready-made practice. James serves up to 40 patients each day. Three physicians serve patients from the immediate area and as far away as a one-hour drive.

When asked to summarize his nearly one-year experience in McGehee, Dr. Renfroe responded,

“My experience has been very positive. I find that the clinic medical and nursing staff is caring and are enhancing healthcare outcomes. The clinic is modern, logically organized and well-managed. People visiting the clinic or our community are impressed with the facility. They find it clean, convenient, well-equipped, modern and the staff caring. They are impressed that McGehee Hospital has such a comprehensive service helping residents improve their health outcomes in a small, rural Delta town. My patients are very satisfied with their healthcare experience, and they are also pleased that wait time is less than an hour.”

Keeping philanthropy local…for you!

CEO John Heard was pleased and surprised that many people who had moved away from McGehee supported the hospital with major donations – gifts from 13 states outside Arkansas. He sees that Share the Pride reinforced the critical importance of giving in your hometown and to its organizations. John entreated,

“Give your money where you can see its direct impact. Keep your philanthropy local.”

The clinic infrastructure will serve our area for the next three decades

The McGehee Family Clinic is enhancing the healthcare experience of McGehee patients with a staff of three physicians, two APNs and 18 staff. It is open Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 5 pm and Friday from 8 am to noon. Five of the six physician pods are occupied. There is one pod for an additional family practice physician. When all pods are operational, the clinic will have a $2.4 million economic impact.

When the McGehee Family Clinic opened September 27, 2017, the objective was to concentrate clinical services in a single location supported by digital files, a lab and radiology facility. It was to provide patients a convenient, one-stop healthcare experience. An electronic records system serves both the hospital and clinic. This gives instant access to patient records at either site.

In its first seven months of operation, the patient census continues to grow and is projected to achieve the target 15,000 visits in 2018.

McGehee residents demonstrated that McGehee Hospital is your hospital by their gifts. It continues to deserve your consideration for regular contributions. Make a small monthly gift to ensure that when you need excellent healthcare, McGhee Hospital is able to give you that care.
The Sustain the Pride request is to help fund the cost of the purchase and installation of a digital X-ray machine in the hospital’s Radiology Department. You will be glad that you helped to replace the old X-ray! Please consider including McGehee Hospital in your estate plan or will.

$250,000 grant awarded for digital X-ray machine

The McGehee Hospital Trustees are pleased to announce that the Delta Regional Authority awarded a $250,000 grant so that we can replace the old (1998) analog X-ray machine with a stat- of-the-art digital radiography room and state-of-the-art digital portable X-ray unit.

Both of these new pieces of equipment will allow for faster imaging turnaround time and decreased radiation dose to all patients. This change will greatly benefit McGehee Hospital patients. Your X-ray slides will be clearer and more accurate. The X-ray slides will become a part of your digital files in the hospital’s paperless system.

The $250,000 grant is $75,000 less what we need to purchase and install the X-ray, update the Radiology Lab and replace the sonogram. To allow the hospital to purchase and install updated digital X-ray equipment, please consider making a sustaining gift by December 31, 2018.

For individuals, your gift is fully tax deductible. McGehee Hospital is an IRS-approved charitable entity. The McGehee Hospital Fund is administered by Delta Area Community Foundation and Arkansas Community Foundation, a public nonprofit organization that promotes smart giving to improve communities. The Community Foundation provides tools to help Arkansans protect, grow and direct their charitable dollars as they learn more about community needs. To learn how your organization can establish an endowment, email the Community Foundation.